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    Simple and Blush Blog — confidence

    Why do we set goals?

    Why do we set goals?

    Why do we make and set goals?

    We want different results!

    When you initially think about the new result you want in your life, most of the time you start to think about already having it and then feeling SO excited and inspired.

    What happens in between?

    You usually continue to move through being uncomfortable but the vision is so clear and strong that you are enjoying the process of getting there OR you start to think about all the things that need to happen before you actually get the result you want.

    You start to question if it’s worth it.

    You start to justify where you are now and how it’s fine.

    You don’t figure it out.

    You try to make where you are okay but secretly wish it was possible to be different.

    All it takes is commitment which is a thought generated by YOUR THOUGHTS.

    All you have to do is create new thoughts that move you into massive action and decide to keep commitments to yourself. When you start keeping those commitments (even though you don’t want to in the moment) you start creating self confidence AND that is what moves you closer to getting the results you want.


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