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    Simple and Blush Blog

    CEO Mom Mindset

    CEO Mom Mindset

    I talk a lot about the CEO MOM Mindset that I have and how freaking powerful it feels.

    You don’t have to have a business to have the CEO MOM Mindset, I just want you to think about the thoughts that CEO’s probably have that you can incorporate in your life.

    How would you show up in your life if you had a CEO MOM Mindset?

    What thoughts would you be thinking?

    Here are mine:

    I am a CEO MOM.

    I manage my household, kids, schedules perfectly.

    I know exactly what my home needs and I’m so good at staying on track.

    I’m the best at creating an anxious free home that we love.

    I don’t mind doing most of the household duties because I know I am the best at doing it my way.

    These thoughts weren’t always there and I used to think thoughts that would make me feel like I would never get to where I am today.

    Just explore those new thoughts that will generate MASSIVE ACTION into creating the household you want.

    Your thoughts are EVERYTHING. If you aren’t loving and having fun in your home, you HAVE to change your thinking.

    Start thinking about new thoughts you can add into you thinking everyday and then start practicing them on purpose.
    Watch the magic happen.

    You are a CEO MOM and you don’t even know it yet.


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    Are your thoughts working for you?

    Are your thoughts working for you?

    What thoughts can you believe on purpose right now to start creating a new version of yourself?

    THIS IS SO IMPORTANT if you are wanting different results in your life.

    When you have results in your life that you don’t love, you have to recognize what those thoughts are and then think of new thoughts you can believe ON PURPOSE.

    You add them into your life EVERYDAY.

    Start saying them out loud, record them and listen to your own voice saying them.

    This thought that I started to believe on purpose at the beginning of 2019, “I don’t dream or imagine small because I have the ability to imagine and accomplish things that are impossible,”generated over 100K in the first year of my business.

    This thought also:

    Helped me create 18K to go through certification at @lifecoachschool to become a life and weight coach

    Start my coaching business
    Pay off debt

    Pay off Brad’s truck


    This was one of my main thoughts that I believed on purpose every single day and I watched what it created.

    So what thoughts can you believe on purpose right now to get your different results?

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    How to Make Change - Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

    How to Make Change - Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

    Being uncomfortable is going to be such a POWERFUL topic this month and I am so excited to share with you why it is important to get uncomfortable.

    WHY is it uncomfortable to be uncomfortable?

    Easy answer- you aren’t used to feeling that feeling all the time.
    We get used to what is comfortable.

    We like feel comfortable because we think it is easier to feel that way.

    But what if you want to change something?

    When you want to change something in your life or in the world, it’s uncomfortable where you are right now. You want change and you have stopped feeling comfortable where you are.

    So it’s up to YOU to move through feeling uncomfortable.
    Uncomfortable is an emotion. It can’t hurt you but it can keep you stuck.

    So when you think about what you want to change, know that being uncomfortable means you are in the the process of changing something.

    You get to decide what uncomfortable path you want to go down.

    1.You stay where you are even though you want change- uncomfortable
    2.You decide to make changes to get what you want- uncomfortable

    So what are you going to decide?


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    Why do we set goals?

    Why do we set goals?

    Why do we make and set goals?

    We want different results!

    When you initially think about the new result you want in your life, most of the time you start to think about already having it and then feeling SO excited and inspired.

    What happens in between?

    You usually continue to move through being uncomfortable but the vision is so clear and strong that you are enjoying the process of getting there OR you start to think about all the things that need to happen before you actually get the result you want.

    You start to question if it’s worth it.

    You start to justify where you are now and how it’s fine.

    You don’t figure it out.

    You try to make where you are okay but secretly wish it was possible to be different.

    All it takes is commitment which is a thought generated by YOUR THOUGHTS.

    All you have to do is create new thoughts that move you into massive action and decide to keep commitments to yourself. When you start keeping those commitments (even though you don’t want to in the moment) you start creating self confidence AND that is what moves you closer to getting the results you want.


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    Double Bubble Pony

    Double Bubble Pony

    Who says you can only use one hair accessory? NOBODY, that's who!

    Spice up your regular ol' pony with not one, but TWO half-size head ties! It's easy - you could do it in your sleep.

    Step 1: Secure a low pony with an elastic. Slide down an inch or so, and secure another elastic. 

    Step 2: Pull the "bubble" of hair until it poofs a little.

    Step 3: Tie a double knot in your Simple and Blush half-size head tie to the top elastic, and another to the bottom elastic.

    Step 4: Feel amazing & confident & take on the day!

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