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    Simple and Blush Blog

    Dress Up the Messy Bun

    Dress Up the Messy Bun

    Alright, mommas, I see you!

    I see your babies pulling your hair, I see you not having the time to curl or braid your luscious locks. The Messy Bun is your go-to hair style.

    The thing is, messy buns don't do much for our self-esteem. It's in the name - messy! We don't want our lives to be messy, but sometimes that's just the way it is. 

    You can dress up your messy bun and make it look like you did it on purpose. (And it'll only take maaayybe 3 extra seconds!!)


    Step 1: Tie up your messy bun.

    Step 2: Wrap a head tie around the bun, and tie it in a double knot. 

    Step 3: Freaking take back the DAY! 


    dress up a messy bun


    Take back the day and Shop Now

    Part 1: How I Got Started

    Part 1: How I Got Started


    How I got started. Okay here we go for Part 1 on how I got started. I am going to talk a little about my journey and hopefully it will help some of you to begin your path of reaching YOUR POTENTIAL. So, What is your potential? Who even knows? You know what I do know?! I get to choose my future and so I’m going to make it freaking awesome because I want a lot of things for myself. I bring happiness into my life. My husband, dad, mother, kids, sister, best friend, etc. don’t make or break my happiness because I have the power to be happy.

    Does that make you motivated or a little uncomfortable? Depending on how you feel about that last paragraph, I want you to identity your feeling (with one word). If I heard those words one year ago, my feeling would be annoyed. I wanted more for myself and had plenty of ideas to get started with things, but I was lacking the confidence in myself. So after having my second baby, I got back into the Dr for depression medication and I knew that I had two options: 

    1. Sit on the couch and envy the lives other people had
    2. Do something to create the life I want

    Here is where it gets fun! You get to decide your future. What do you want? What is your dream home? Do you want to travel? Do you want a new car? What do YOU want?

    At first I felt guilty because I was focusing on things that I WANTED rather than NEEDED- and then I listened to Jody Moore’s podcasts:

    1. “How To Get Started On Your Goals (Ep. 78)
    2. “Finding Yourself: Discovering What Defines You (Ep.52)
    3. “Anxiety (Ep. 109)

    I realized that wanting more for my future, whether it’s materialistic or not, IS OK! That does not mean that I am ungrateful for what I have now. I believed that I couldn’t want more for myself because I needed to focus on what I had in the moment. HOLY CRAP. NOOOOO! NO! NO! NO! I have found that I am even more grateful for what I have now especially when I start to think about all of my desires for my future. Here are some steps that really helped me get started with changing my mindset ( I still do these almost every single day). I SWEAR TO YOU that they work. Your mindset changes the more consistent you become with these practices and then BAM your life starts to change. I AM NOT KIDDING. And if you miss a day…who freaking cares. Don’t be hard on yourself but don’t let yourself down. Tomorrow is a new day so commit to it.

    1. GRATITUDE. Write down 10 things I am grateful for everyday. (Caffeine is on my lists at least 4x a week)
    1. EXERCISE. Exercise at least 30 minutes a day. I don’t care if you walk around your neighborhood or around Target. Get out of that house! EVERYDAY!
    1. MANAGE YOUR BRAIN. Listen to a podcast. At this point…I listen to 3-4 podcasts a day. I don’t usually listen to music when I workout so I can finish 2 30 minute podcasts in a session. Some podcasts I listen to everyday are:
    1. Jody Moore- Better Than Happy
    2. Brooke Castillo- The Life School Podcast
    3. Alison Faulkner- Awesome With Alison
    4. Rachel Hollis- RISE Together
    1. AFFIRMATIONS. Daily affirmations. I do them every morning with my boys (ages 2 and 1) on the way to school or the gym. They usually one of two ways:

    Me: “I am smart.” Mac: “NO”

    Me: “I am kind.” Mac: “NO”

    Me: “I am good at listening to my teacher.” Mac: “NO”

         2.  Me: “TODAY IS A GOOOOOO…” Mac: “GOOD DAY!”

    Me: “I am smart like Iron Man.” Mac (in a deep voice): “ I am smart like Iron Man.”

    Me: “I am strong like the Hulk.” Mac (still in his Hulk voice): “ I am strong like the Hulk.”

    You get it. You make it work and some days they say it, but I mostly do it for myself because I need to tell myself those things everyday.

    You have two options. You can sit on the couch and choose to be depressed or you get up and get something done. I honestly feel like I am allowed to say that because I am currently diagnosed with depression (and am on an antidepressant) but I can still CHOOSE to be happy and live an awesome freaking life. So start. Just start. Give yourself a little credit for being awesome. You’re smart. You’re strong. You’re living the life that you were supposed to be given- but you make your future. You determine your thoughts and actions. You get to choose how you feel and think about things. I love you guys. December is going to be a great month and an awesome start to freaking 2019 (where we are all going to kill it and start living our dreams).


    You guys are so awesome. I LOVE YOU because you are you.








    Let's Getchya Feeling Good

    Let's Getchya Feeling Good

    Hey There!

    Thank you for joining me on the blog today! I'm so excited that the holidays have made their appearance and that I'm already seeing Christmas trees in the front rooms of people's windows. I am DEFINITELY one of those people that would start decorating for Christmas... if my husband would allow it. I saw THREE Christmas trees in people's houses on my walk today...THREE- and it's only November 6th #irespectthat

    I begged Brad to let me get those Christmas decorations out of the attic and was let down with an unsurprising "HA NO." HAHA! Thankfully Brad travels a lot so I'll def be getting those down this week while he is gone #sucka. Anyways, one of my favorite things to do over the holidays is give gifts. I love ALL gifts. Good gifts, white elephant gifts, sexy gifts, you name it! I think it is so fun to share the love and laughs with the people I love most.

    I want to take a QUICK second to talk about why I created the 3 pack. Simple and Blush's promise is to make you feel a little more put together even on those "bad hair" days. I don't know about you, but my day is mostly based on how I feel about myself. If I'm feelin like I am a babe and rocking at life- I have an awesome day. If I wake up and my hair is still wet from my shower the night before, it won't straighten and I have to put it in a messy bun (that isn't the cute messy bun)- my day is OFF. And when I mean "off," I mean, I don't love myself, I don't feel like I'm a good mom, I snap more at my kids and my husband and I definitely can't wait for the day to be over. 

    So if there was something you could add, something simple and so versatile that goes with any hairstyle... and it made you feel beautiful... would you wear it? ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY I WOULD & I would want all my friends/family members/babysitters/bus drivers to have it. If we are all being our best selves, life would just be a better. So with that being said:

    #1. You can buy 3 Head Ties for $35- so you can keep 1 (or two) and give one to your best friend. 

    #2. You can buy a 3 pack and give the whole pack to your girlfriend (I love you).

    #3. You can buy the 3 pack for yourself because it's good freaking deal.

    You guys are so awesome. In the next couple weeks, I will be sharing a 2018 Holiday Gift Guide that you can print out and just slide under your husband's pillow. You're welcome.




    Simple and Blush Video by @keairra

    Simple and Blush Video by @keairra

    I'm COMPLETELY obsessed with this video that Keairra created. The stop motion videos have always intrigued me and when Keairra reached out to collaborate together...well, I could resist and I'm so grateful for her. She is so talented and creative. Just wait until you see the video she created for our Fall Colors. 

    SIMPLE&BLUSH from Keairra Clarke on Vimeo.

    Different Ways To Wear Your Head Tie

    Different Ways To Wear Your Head Tie


    You GUYS! We have over 100+ photos from you wearing our Simple and Blush head ties, which really makes me SO STOKED (and so grateful). I have had such a hard time deciding with looks to feature in our Lookbook, so I decided to just take my top 10 FAVE posts that you guys have shared. I have loved seeing you design and create new ways to wear your head tie- it has totally blown me away how many different ways there are to wear it & you keep showing us more and more. KEEP EM COMIN! Love you guys so much!